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1ère édition du Rallye Raid FRMM Morocco Sand de Merzouga du 22 au 24 Mai 2022

La Fédération Royale Marocaine de Motocyclisme (FRMM) à l’honneur d’organiser la 1ère édition du Rallye Raid FRMM Morocco Sand de Merzouga du 22 au 24 Mai 2022 , cela permettra de sensibiliser les pilotes Marocains à avoir une formation aux différentes méthodes de navigation : lire un road book, GPS, tenir un CAP et ainsi choisir les meilleurs pilotes pour représenter le Maroc 🇲🇦 aux prochains Rallyes internationaux.

ADRESSE: 65, rue Loubnane, Appt N°14, résidence Khadija - KENITRA 14000 
 TEL: (+212) 5 37373053
 E-MAIL DE CONTACT: frmmsebou@hotmail.com


MARRUECOS X-TREME du 23 au 30 octobre 2022

Compétitions Diverses
Reporté du 23 au 30 octobre 2022

Three choices – Three xtreme concepts

 This year, we´re going to surprise everybody once again, with the biggest adventure at Morocco that you can attend to, a more rewarding experience tan any race, guided trip or any kind of activity that you have ever experienced in the desert.

This is just comparable to the Dakar feeling, but without its economic and preparation requirements and available for any kind of motorbike fan with a suitable prepared bike (we will help you out in that bike preparation). Also, every participant of this adventure take part in this succesful expirience, in wich dakarian and amateur riders share the same routes, table and tableware, making these 9 days something you will never forget.

Everybody shares a piece of theirselves and the meetings at the vibouac are awesome. Also, our dakarian truck, assistance vehicles and our mechanic team don´t stop working all night for everything to be ready the following day.

The hotels and food, will keep improving without losing their authenticity we are looking for in Morocco, getting apart from crowds of people and usual routes, wich you can experience in any other moment.

This year, there will also be some tracks designed for Trail bikes and a manager for the same, where the off road will be the main part of it and you will be able to improve your skills.

During the day, our assistance, really experienced already in Africa and any kind of rally, also have taken part in the rally Dakar 2020 as an oficial team, will take care of us with the satellite locator (compulsory for every participant) and will be placed in strategic places to attend any situation of need with food, water, gas and tools.

This will also be the second year that our team will be helped by a medical team with a lot of experience in Africa and could help us out in any kind of emergency.

And, as usual, the quality of our routes and roadbooks will make you improve your riding, navigation and dune rounding level without noticing.

If you are also and experienced rider and you enjoy challenging experiences, we will have our Xtreme routes available, wich will push you to the limit.

This year, this adventure will take off from Fez (wonderful city) where you can get with us by ferry from Almeria or in a regular fly.

We can carry your bike and equipment from the península to Fez and back again (Barcelona-Madrid-Valencia-Andalucia-North) not worrying about the transport and logistic, or we could rent you a competition bike full equip.

We will wait you there from 20th of October in a high quality hotel where we will place the vibouac with our dakarian truck and you will be able to pick your bike an equipment up (if transport was hired). You can also come some days earlier and use those extra days for preparing everything calmfully and visiting the city.

Our mechanic team will do the first checking of the bikes to make sure everything is perfect for the great adventure awaiting us.

Routes will be long, but they are designed for you to choose the distance and difficulty of them, beeing divided in 3 or 4 security sectors.

There will also be a daily breefing in wich stages, mechanical and navigation advices are explained and the pairs of raiders will be selected.





Day 1 Fez-Errachidia

Unpublished tracks crossing part of the atlas with roadbook of our own adapted for the stela

Day 2 Errachidia-Mahamid

Unpublished routes with race roadbooks

Day 3 Mahamid-Camp Chegaga – Dune supermarathon

Double dune stage focusing Chegaga

Camping night in luxury haimas in the middle of the Erg

Day 4 Chegaga-Chegaga-Mahamid

Superespecial 800 KMS

Day 5 Mahamid–Ouzina

Marathon stage intensive dune navigation day

Day 6 Ouzina-Ergchebi

Xtreme option nightly dunes

Navigation option

Fennek Rallye du 08 au 16 octobre 2022

Le Fenek Rallye est une course automobile qui se déroule dans les déserts du Maroc.

Ceux qui participent à ce parcours unique et inclément doivent relever un défi qui met à l'épreuve toutes leurs compétences : maîtrise du véhicule, techniques de conduite, compétences d'orientation, systèmes d'approvisionnement alimentaire propres, capacité de réparation du véhicule, force mentale, endurance physique et expérience.

Le Fenek Rallye se distingue des autres championnats officiels par le fait que les pilotes amateurs peuvent concourir aux côtés des professionnels en utilisant différents types de véhicules : motos, quads, buggies, voitures, tout-terrain et camions. C'est là que les conducteurs professionnels s'entraînent pour leurs circuits nationaux ou mondiaux, et que les conducteurs amateurs apprennent, perfectionnent et développent leur hobby.

Tel:  0034 670 34 08 07

E-Mail: info@fenekrally.com


Parcours Fenek Rally 2022

L’édition 2022 de l’édition FenekRally Maroc continuera avec les mêmes critères que les éditions précédentes, reliant 5 étapes circulaires ou semi-circulaires autour de Merzouga, Ouzina, Erfoud et d’autres petits villages. Un total de 1200 kilomètres entre pistes, rivières de sable, plateaux et dunes, avec des sections très techniques et d’autres sections plus rapides.

Touareg Legend Rally du 22 au 29 octobre 2022

Reporté en octobre 2022.

An affordable rally with world class quality
A rally only for motorbikes
A rally that will reward companionship and adventure over speed
If you wish to be part of this great family, do not hesitate, we will assist you in everything you will need to make this rally the beginning of a long journey


RACE: Tracks of the African Dakar, exceptional routes, quality roadbooks
ADVENTURE: Rout in pairs, without competition, enjoy your own adventure
ASSISTANCE: The most important part of the Rally

E-mail: info@touareglegend.com
Call us: +34 659 87 25 84

Parcours Touareg Legend Rally 2022

S1: SAÏDIA – BOUDNIB 580kms  (Sunday, October 24)

S2: BOUDNIB – M´HAMID 390kms (Monday, October 25)

S3 M´HAMID – ERG CHEGAGA 282kms (Tuesday, October 26) MARATHON STAGE

S4: ERG CHEGAGA – ASSA 430kms  (Wednesday, October 27)

S5: ASSA – SMARA 530kms (Thursday, October 28)

S6: SMARA – LAAYOUNE 210kms (Friday, October 29) FINISH

African Desert du 06 au 10 décembre 2021 ! Reporté au printemps 2022

Compétitions Diverses
¿Porque surgimos?
Por la evolución natural y la adaptación que se necesitaba para conseguir cubrir un hueco dentro del panorama nacional e internacional de las pruebas de navegación que se celebran actualmente en el continente africano. Pensamos que ya hay suficiente oferta de eventos de rally-raid de viñetas. Somos una prueba de orientación-4x4 pura y dura, que con la necesaria regulación y adaptación de la tecnología os haremos disfrutar. Éramos necesarios. Por eso hemos nacido. La tecnología está en la puerta de casa y es imposible obviarla. Solo aprovechar lo mejor de ella.Disfrutemos de la AFRICAN DESERT, una nueva forma de hacer 4x4

Es la única prueba donde llegaras a tu límite. Podrás poner a prueba tus conocimientos de orientación y conducción de 4x4 disfrutando del continente africano. Los límites de tu coche, se supone que los conoces, pero los tuyos no. Y no debes de dejar pasar la oportunidad de conocerlos y superarlos.

+34 616 31 97 62
📩 info@african-desert.com


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