Rally Raid Budapest-Bamako 2016

What is Budapest-Bamako about?

Rally Raid  Budapest-Bamako 2016
Budapest-Bamako is a charity rally, competition and crazy driving adventure from Budapest to Bamako. Budapest-Bamako is for those who’ve dreamed about the Dakar,  Africa, the Sahara and hitting the open dirt under extreme circumstances. B2 is a minimal assistance event, which means that if you’re in trouble you can only count on yourself and your mates. You can enter in competition and adventure category. B2 is not a Sunday drive or picnic in the park. It’s not an organized package holiday. It’s a grueling two week drive on hostile terrain

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You’ll find useful information about the Budapest-Bamako. Read these questions and answers carefully if you’re considering entering the race. If you haven’t heard about the Budapest-Bamako watch this short video.

What kind of dangers can we expect?

You can reduce all the risks and you prepare for dangerous situations, but there is one very important rule: in case of danger, you can count only on yourself.

Possible problems:
highway accident in Europe
kidnapping in West Africa
becoming victim of a terror attack
imprisonment in Africa
lynching by locals if you hit a man or animal
dehydrating in the desert
unfixable technical problems on the open road
accident and injury on the open road
bandits or thieves in the desert
corrupt immigration officers who want to let you cross the border in return of money
lazy immigration officers who let you cross the border after hours or days of awaiting
corrupt policemen who wants to let you along the way in return of money
improvised taxes and fees in Africa ranging from 5 to 30 Euros
dangerously driving Africans
dangerously driving Budapest-Bamako participants
nerves stretched to the breaking point
and thousand of other dangers which can’t be defined in advance

What is racing category?

In racing category the participants have to complete daily stages from one camp to another. Along the road they will have to find geo-challenges, which are navigational points usually given by GPS coordinates. These points have to be visited, photographed and entered on a daily race sheet. Teams can collect points for completing the daily stages and reaching the geo points. Penalties are given for missing daily stages or speeding in residential areas.

What is touring  category?
In touring, there are no points, no geo challenges and no tasks to complete. You’ll get a detailed road book with the daily stages and you’re free to roam and discover. The touring category is about adventure, discovery, connecting with other people and visiting places you never knew existed in the world.

Who may enter Budapest-Bamako?
The motto has been “Anyone, By Anything, By Any Means” from the very beginning. You can enter the B2 by car, motorcycle, quad, bike, on foot, or on roller-skates. You should be at least 18 years of age.

Important information about the start-ceremony and about the administration
The start ceremony will take place in January 2015, in Budapest. You should try to make it there because it’s always and exciting event. However, if you can’t be there you may join the rally wherever you wish. The visas and the administrative paperwork (insurance, road permits, start numbers, passes) can be picked up in December in Budapest or if you arrange for a courrier (DHL, Fedex, UPS) we can have everything shipped to you. Please note that we don’t pay for shipping. You must make your own arrangements.

What is the  the race sheet and the  road-book?
The road-book is a detailed guide to the daily stages and the countries and territories that we pass through. The road-book will provide you with advice on how to drive in the Sahara, how to behave in the Sahara, where to buy food and other important issues relating to your trip. The road book will contain information about the road conditions for every stage. It will have a list of the official hotels and campsites as well. The road-book is usually published in November/December. It will be available for downloading.

Category 2016

Classic GPS Competition: The competitors must complete daily stages on time as well as solve geo-challenges. You can collect points for the stages and the challenges. 
The results will be scored and we will announce the winner at the end of the race. Speed is not a deciding factor. Skill, endurance and luck are. One vehicle, maximum 4 persons. The competition route will be a lot more spectacular. With the exception of a few stages it can be completed by two wheel drive cars as well. The hard stages can be avoided by taking a detour. 

4×4 Touring Category : The 4×4 Tour category takes you through spectacular, exciting off-road routes, there is no point collecting, racing or evaluation, but there is an extreme adventures, exciting terrains, rocks, sand, and dirt roads. There will be navigational tasks that everyone can solve to their own amusement. The fee covers maximum 4 people per vehicle.  
The route from camp to camp can be done on paved roads. 

School Bus To Africa: Travel through the Sahara and West Africa aboard a small bus that will be donated to a school in Africa. 
The fee includes your entry fee and your transportation to the finish line a place for you and your bag, ferry fees across the Mediterranean, a guide and your donation to a great cause. 

Touring Adventure category: In this category there are no rules, no timing, no scoring. The only thing that counts is the finish line, completing the challenge and making new friends. The participants are allowed to choose which roads they take to Bamako. Teams have access to 24 hour medical service along the official route and in the official camps. 

Bamako Spirit Category: The Bamako Spirit category is intended to keep the original founding spirit of the rally alive. Come in a cheap car. Come in an old car. Come in a junky car. Come in a vehicle that makes people smile. 
Be funny. Be creative. Be adventurous. Bring an ambulance, fire truck or similar vehicle. Be different and have a big a heart. 
Tell us your plan and come for free! (If additional people want to join the team they will have to pay the entry fees. 


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