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Titan Desert

The GAES TITAN DESERT by GARMIN is a long distance race open to all fans of cycling, sports and self-sacrifice.

Edition 2018 du 29 avril au 04 mai.

The GAES TITAN DESERT by GARMIN is a long distance race open to all fans of cycling, sports and self-sacrifice. It is above all an event that requires a desire to excel and a love of challenge: the challenge of achieving what few people in the world have managed to achieve to confront the desert, the extreme heat and the gruelling distances under the worst imaginable conditions.

All the previous editions have demonstrated the rewards of participating in this race. The vast majority of riders went home with a feeling of having accomplished something big, something they will remember for the rest of their lives, with unforgettable, difficult, moving moments that have marked them forever. Thats why this race attracts riders from all corners of the globe; in the last edition the number of non-Spanish riders increased significantly.

In spite of how it may appear, the GAES TITAN DESERT by GARMIN is not only for supermen. It is a race for all those who are willing to make a sacrifice and obtain a reward, for all lovers of cycling in good physical condition who are looking for a challenge where they can put their physical and mental training to the test. Because when you have no strength left, when you think you have reached your limit, that is the time when you must go that one bit further, to test yourself to the maximum.

Were not going to go so far as to say that this is a race for everyone. We know it isn't. It´s a race for the courageous, for people willing to reach their limits and go beyond them. It is a race for sports lovers of all ages. It's not important how old your bike is. The only important thing is a desire to participate, to overcome your limitations.

The spirit of this race is impregnated with the effort of all the riders who have participated before, both those who arrived at the finish line and those whose goal was to prove to themselves that they could achieve something that few others are capable of. It is they who are the soul of the race, a race which has attracted some of the greatest names in cross country biking, such as Oscar Pereiro, Laurent Jalabert, Claudio Chiappucci, Roberto Heras, Abraham Olano and Melcior Mauri.


Participant Services

Email: info@titandesert.com
Phone: +34 902 363 175
Gran Via 8-10 6ª Planta
08902 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
Barcelona - SPAIN



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