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Tuareg Rallye 2019 Algérie

Cette année le Tuareg Rallye déménage en Algérie dans la région de Bechar

Du 16 au 23 mars 2019

Tuareg Rallye 2019 Algérie

Tuareg Rallye 2019 Algérie


Tuareg Rallye 2019 Algérie
The Tuareg Rally 2019 takes place on the western edge of the Grand Erg Oriental. The start of the rally is in Taghit. From there the route leads to Beni Abes. Two circuits lead into the mountains of Djebel Meznerent and the dunes of Erg Raoui. Afterwards the route leads back to Taghit.

​Time Table & ​Entry fee

Tuareg Rallye 2019 Algérie
A few days of holiday, a lot of rally. The Tuareg Rally 2019 lasts one week.  

The entry fee includes food and accommodation in the camp in addition to the competition. As well as the rental of the SPOT Tracker. As an additional service, hotel accommodation and domestic flights from Algiers to Bechar can be booked through our Algerian partner.


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